Vintage Baseball Coloring Books for Adults & Curious Children

Vintage Vibes coloring books are the "next generation" of coloring books because they feature charming vintage illustrations alongside a matching grayscale sketch for you to color. Volume 1, Vintage Travel Postcards, Volume 2, Vintage Holiday Postcards, and now Volume 3, Vintage Baseball Player Cards and Posters. Sketches are placed right next to the original artwork so you can replicate what the artist has done. Or, you can reinterpret the artwork by choosing a different palette of colors. Highlights and shadows are already done for you. You'll feel as though you've had an art lesson after coloring these pages.

About the Author

Jodie Randisi is a coloring enthusiast as well as an independent publisher of coloring books for adults and curious children. Her company, COWCATCHER Publications, specializes in amazing true stories and inspirational activity books. When she is not coloring, or designing coloring books, or writing books of her own, Jodie helps aspiring authors realize their publishing dreams as an author coach.

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Coloring Supplies

Prismacolor Colorless Blender Marker 3533

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I use this marker and I feel like a professional artist! Great for shading and blending. Unique four-in-one design creates four line widths from one double-ended marker. Creates a variety of line widths... READ MORE