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Vintage Vibes coloring books are in the upper price range as far as most coloring books go. Why is that?

Vintage Vibes coloring books feature 74-pages of full-color interiors unlike most coloring books with illustrated black and white lines. Colorists find it helpful to have to original artwork next to the sketches, which is why we refer to our coloring books asNEXT GEN coloring experiences. The illustration in our books are charming vintage works of art, all chosen to inspire the inner artist in us. The grayscale sketch is located next next to the original. Being able to study the original, helps tremendously when recreating or reinterpreting an artist’s work. We’ve found it invigorating to make something new out of something from the past. It’s like getting private art instruction—but at home in your jammies. As a bonus, follow the instructions in the coloring book if you’d like to repurpose your creation and use it as an actual postcard. We want to encourage handwritten communication and hope to kepp the dying art of penmanship alive.

Is there a price break for bulk orders? And if so, how can I place an order?

We’re so glad you asked. COWCATCHER Publications gladly accepts bulk orders. In fact, we encourage schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses to take advantage of buying any of our books in bulk. Wholesale prices will vary depending on quantity, and whether or not a cover or interior page(s) customization is requested. As an indie publisher, we offer our products as items for fundraising campaigns. To get a quote, please contact jodie@coloringdepot.com. /p>

Are your books made in the USA?


What age range do you recommend for your coloring books and pages?

Children as well as adults can enjoy Vintage Vibes coloring books and pages, and that’s because it’s about the joy of coloring, not being perfect. At first glance, our Vintage Vibes sketches may seem suitable only for advanced colorists. We suggest checking out our HOW TO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT videos before you decide the level of difficulty. Copyright permission is granted for personal use. This means you may not reproduce or distribute copies of these pages for commercial purposes, but you can make and enlarge copies of our sketches for your personal use. Depending on your circumstances and intended use for the finished product, we encourage experimentation with different mediums and paper quality. This is because we appreciate your business and hope you have many enjoyable coloring moments.

What coloring tools and mediums do you recommend for your coloring books and pages?

Colored pencils, crayons, or markers all work well. Your choices will depend on your desired outcome. Experiementation on scrap paper is encouraged. We’ve included a blank page in each coloring book for this purpose. You might consider making and using a color chart, noting the name of each pencil or marker. This will help you make better color choices. Using high quality colored pencils and layering a few colors gives you the ability to create just the right color. Both colored pencils and markers can be toned up or down for shading. Always remember to consider ink bleed-through when using alcohol based markers, such as BIC, Sharpies or Copic markers. Place an extra piece of scrap paper behind your creation if you haven’t removed the coloring page from the book. For larger areas and background, we recommend using chalks, such as the sets made by Pebbles, Inc., also known as Kan’dee chalk sets.

You mentioned making actual postcards, how do I do that?

Both Vintage Travel Postcards, Volume 1 and Vintage Holiday Postcards, Volume 2 have instructions in the front of the coloring books. If your desired outcome is to use your creation as an actual postcard, we recommend that you remove coloring pages from the book with a razor blade or Xacto knife. Make at least one copy of the sketch. Copyright restrictions allow you to make copies for personal use only, never for commercial purposes. Go ahead and color on the paper including in our coloring books, but when you want to print a copy of your creation to use as a postcard, you’ll have to scan or take a photo of your creation. Then, before printing, load your printer with use bright white cardstock paper, 110 lbs weight. Digitizing your creation allows you to manipulate the quality of the image and the size. To qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price, it must be: Rectangular. At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick. No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick.

Are there art lessons included in your coloring books?

Yes, and they’re all self-contained. By studying the original artwork and paying attention to the artist’s choices and details, you’ll automatically learn artistic techniques such as creating highlights and shadows. Without some effort, you’ll begin to think and color like a professional artist. That sounds simple, but there’s more to it. Jodie has written an eBook called Coloring Book Art Lessons You can receive this FREE 36-page guidebook to unleashing creativity when you subscribe or request a copy. The eBook provides inspiration as well as tips for enhancing the coloring experience. A listing of “essential” coloring supplies and products with recommendations is included. For addtional confidence boosters, check out Jodie’s HOW TO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT videos.

You mentioned COWCATCHER Publications, will they publish my coloring book?

Jodie Randisi is the owner of COWCATCHER Publications, an indie publishing company specializing in fascinating true stories and inspirational activity books. She works as an author coach with clients who have all kinds of publishing projects in mind. Each submission for pubication will be considered individually. Clients have been known to become published authors, so the answer to that question is…maybe.