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It all started when…

… I discovered how fun it is to color a grayscale sketch when the original artwork is right there next to the sketch. It reminded me of those Paint-By-Number kits we used to give and receive at birthday parties when we were ten years old. I learned about shadows, highlights, blending colors, and so much more as I simply followed the artist’s lead. Using high quality colored pencils and a blender pencil was key to my success. I learned a few tricks, which I share in the HOW TO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT videos and in my WORKSHOPS and HOME PARTIES. I was hooked.

After stumbling upon a plastic tub full of vintage postcards (most of which were in the public domain), I created a series of coloring books featuring grayscale coloring pages called Vintage Vibes.

I’m not the only coloring enthusiast who enjoys recreating charming vintage postcards and posters. If you’re not sure, you can download a FREE page and try before you buy.