Coloring with Craft Tape

New Ideas

I've uncovered a new way to color.

I was given a Stained Glass coloring book as a donation for my Coloring Therapy for the Soul class at Ridgeland Correctional Institute where I volunteer on Wednesdays. I started to think of introducing a new way to color using colored bits of paper, like a mosaic, but realized glue and scissors are not items readily welcomed in a medium security prison. So I thought of a new way I to fill spaces with color using a new material, tiny pieces of torn craft tape.

The craft tape really gave the illustration the appearance of stained glass, and the results were so much better than I expected. Quite remarkable, actually.

THEN Inmates Took Over

I shared my Fruit Basket stained glass creation with my fellow coloring enthusiasts in the Coloring class at Ridgeland Correctional. They were as intrigued as I was with this new way to color. A couple participants shocked us by surpassing all expectations when they created some extremely detailed and very beautiful pieces, only a few are pictured here.

I’m a Broken Treasure

I’m a broken treasure.

Will you tape me back together?

Do you see my lines? They are precious and divine.

Inmate, RCI, 2017