Donut Shorts

Donut Shorts.jpg

Who Wears Donut Shorts?

Colorful People Wear Colorful Clothing

Who buys donuts shorts? Better yet, who plays golf in donut shorts? That would be the most colorful guy in the family. In my case, the guy with the personality to match the shorts is Uncle Earl.

So, my sister, who was playing golf with Earl, sends me a text: EARL'S SHORTS ARE MAKING US HUNGRY! Huh? I replied. Oh, the thoughts than came tumbling into my mind. What was it about Uncle Earl's shorts that could make people hungry? Thankfully, I only had to wonder for an afternoon. Was it tiny embroidered lobsters? Pineapples? M&Ms? Later that day, my sister sent a text with an image of the scrumptious donut shorts. Who knew food could be so realistic displayed on fabric, which you have to admit, is brilliant! 

What did I learn in all of this? I realized that playful adults outlive their genealogical life-expectancy may predict. Just ask Earl. He's the old living male in his family, outlived 'em all by more than a few years. According to the family records, he's supposed to be playing in the great golf course in the sky by now.

Lesson learned, never stop being playful.

Coloring brings playfulness back to our often too-busy lives, and this is why I say...

coloring is an anti-aging strategy.