Me Day

Thank you Joe Husband

Thank you Joe Husband for allowing me (not that I needed permission but we both know I went fishing for approval) to have a Me Day. I watched 1.5 episodes of Mr. Ed and three-quarters of a Dr. Phil AND I got my hair done. I came back with slaon stories, which is at least 50% of the reason I pursue a brown with highlights hairdooooo, duh! If you are a writer, you should be getting your hair done AT A SALON! Boy/girl/man/woman—doesn’t matter. Stories happen at salons, or at least they’re retold.

One day all the stories were about not going to the salon. “Had a few drinks and I let my girlfriend do the coloring, which by the way everyone complimented. Nice color! Heard it 3 or 4 times." Then someone else pitched in with “I haven’t cared in a long time. Done nothing in 6 months, since my fiancée died.” Ears on alert!

Actually and truthfully, I’m the last person to listen in on other people’s conversations for the purpose of ordinary consumption. Unless it promises material for character or plot twists, I truly don’t like to participate in gossip. It’s a blatant sin and I’m against sin, so I don’t do it, unless I’m writing about how bad gossip is. In that case, I would be providing examples.

Good Me Day vs. Great Me Day

A good Me Day probably involves an interesting and satisfying salon experience, but a great Me Day will always include coloring. I have to remind Joe Husband that I’m actually working my vocation. I know he supports me because he turns his back when he’s rolling his eyes. But it’s true. I test every coloring page I publish to see if it’s both fun and feasible. I have two oversized three-ring binders stuffed full of my completed coloring pages, all of which is warehoused behind sheet protectors. When I’m coloring, I’m a content human being. I’m present in the moment, doing one thing, not multiple things. If I have thoughts, they’re meditative and prayerful. Coloring is my sacred Me and God time.

I realize if I were a knitting guru I would have something to show as evidence of my vocation. But a coloring guru, such as myself, will never have a gallery, or an art show. It's very rate when someone wants to see what you’ve done. I’ve come to accept that coloring is personal, and it’s my job to make your coloring experience a great one. That’s why I offer home parties, classes and workshops. I bring the supplies. You bring the stories.