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Vintage Christmas Postcards

Art is a potent, powerful and effective means of self-expression available to people of all ages. This coloring book will take you down memory lane. Enjoy moments of focused creation as you view, replicate, and appreciate these charming vintage images. And, if you're interested in making your own Christmas cards, here's a way to jumpstart your creative genius! Instructions included.

NOTE: With practice, beginners can become experts.

"Charming doesn't do this justice. It's sentimental art therapy!" 

"Charming doesn't do this justice. It's sentimental art therapy!" 

Vintage Travel Postcards

Volume 1, Vintage Vibes Coloring Books

Vintage Travel Postcards, Not Your Ordinary Coloring Book

Everyone can benefit from art's ability to repair and restore. Refresh your soul. This 78-page coloring book for adults (and curious children) has 35 stunning, full color, vintage travel posters images for you to color. Even if you've never taken an art class, you can still recreate these vibrant travel posters from all over the world. It's easier than it looks. You can recreate what the artist has done, or reinterpret the artwork using your imagination. Shading and highlights—already done for you. The original full-size, full-color image is located next to the grayscale sketch. It's like getting private, at-home art lessons. As a bonus, you end up with an authentic remake of a charming vintage postcard if you follow the author's instruction and make copies on cardstock paper.

Vintage Holiday Postcards, The Definition of Charming!

This 78-page coloring book for adults (and curious children) showcases 30 images of charming vintage holiday postcards. You’ll find each full-color original next to its matching grayscale sketch. Recreate what the artist has done, or reinterpret the artwork using your imagination. The hard part, shading and highlights, is already done for you. It’s like having the artist there to guide you. Creating beautiful artwork is surprisingly simple when you pay attention to the details. You may feel as if you’re getting private at-home art lessons. For BEST RESULTS, the author suggests you make copies of the coloring page per tonal use and practice. If you want to end up with an authentic postcard you can actually mail, copy your artwork onto cardstock paper. There are 12 Valentines, 4 Easter, 4 Thanksgiving, and 10 Christmas images of postcards for you to color. Bonus section includes samples from Mrs. Beeton's Household Management coloring packet. Mrs. Beeton was the British Martha Stewart of the Victorian era. 

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Vintage Holiday Postcards 


Volume 2, Vintage Vibes Coloring Books

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Vintage Baseball

Volume 3, Vintage Vibes Coloring Books

Vintage Baseball, A Coloring Books for Fans

Vintage Baseball Coloring Book, Vol. 3. features a full-color interior, 76 pages, with over 30 sketches and illustrations to color. Baseball fans will not only love seeing and recreating the image of some of their favorite players from the good ol' days, they'll also enjoy reading the backside of the player cards. As in all our Vintage Vibes coloring books, grayscale sketches are located right next to the original artwork.  This Vintage Vibes coloring book the third in the series, which some have called "the next generation of coloring books." It's easier than it looks, and it's like getting art lessons—but at home in your jammies.