How To Get the Results You Want Videos

These short but informative videos were designed to help you get the results you want when coloring in general, but specifically when coloring pages from the Vintage Vibes series of coloring books.


How to Get the Most Enjoyment From Our Coloring Books

In this video, Jodie shares how to get the most enjoyment from the Vintage Vibes coloring books. Find out why removing all the pages and reassembled them in a notebook is the secret to extending the fun!

Coloring Halloween.png

Shading, Lettering, Faces, & more!

It's fun to recreate what the original artist has done, especially in this charming Halloween greeting card. This video covers the very basic techniques used to accomplish shading, lettering, and faces. A blender pencil is a must for these coloring pages. 

Calling Santa.png

Calling Santa with a Wish List

This video explaining why paying attention to details is important. Coloring a grayscale sketch is easier than it looks when you know a few tricks and use high quality colored pencils and markers.