MORE How To Get the Results You Want Videos

These short but informative videos were designed to help you get the results you want when coloring in general, but specifically when coloring pages from the Vintage Vibes series of coloring books.

Blending Sharpies.png

Coloring Scenes and Landscapes

This annotated video explains the steps taken to recreate a beautiful view of Sanremo. It's like getting an art lesson but at home in your jimmies. Step by step, the process is revealed so you, too, can color this vintage travel poster.  

Coloring Halloween.png

Vintage Travel Poster via Veracruz

This short video reveals the process and progression of this vintage travel poster from the Vintage Travel Postcards Coloring Book for Adults. You can travel the world and never leave home. Great visuals to stir up the artist (or fisherman) in you.

Calling Santa.png

Coloring Therapy for the Soul

In this video, Jodie explains why she calls her workshops, classes and home parties Coloring Therapy for the Soul. Participants exclaim, "I didn't know I could do this!" This is when  our creative genius emerges and we rediscovered the artist within.