Artists are just children who refused to put down their crayons.

— Al Hirschfeld

Saying “yes” to any artistic practice is accepting an invitation to play. Art is a potent, powerful and effective means of self-expression available to people of all ages.

Courtesy of COWCATCHER Publications


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Coloring Books

Charming vintage images offer a trip down memory lane. Orginal artwork located on the same page right next to the grayscale sketch makes it easy to follow the artist's lead. With practice, beginners become expert colorists. 



 These short videos are designed to help you enjoy coloring in general, but specifically when coloring pages from the Vintage Vibes series of coloring books. Learn a few simple techniques and you will get the results you want.


 Coloring is a great way to refresh your soul. Find out how artmaking can improve everyday life. Learn how to enjoy moments of focused creation with Jodie Randisi at a Coloring IS My Therapy! workshop, presentation, or home party.